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Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, & Maryland

Expert Health Advocates is located just outside of Washington DC
in Northern Virginia and services the DC Metro Area, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Expert Health Advocates is a proud member of the National Care Planning Council and the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers; is licensed and insured.  

We are a “problem solving” agency specializing in assisting local and long distance families in managing the care of their aging parents, spouses and loved ones in our community.  

We also provide assistance to seniors who are living alone, allowing them to maintain their independence.We recognize that it is not easy to care for aging family members when you live far away.  Frequent visits are often impractical.  

When you can’t be in the DC Metro area, we can monitor your family members for you and provide reassurance that your loved ones are managing well on their own or alert you when there is a problem.  

At such time, we can provide immediate assistance, make recommendations and act as a liaison with local hospitals, doctors or service agencies.  

Our assistance is also extended to seniors having difficulty managing the complex care of a husband or wife who is ill or has dementia.

Whether you require extensive services or just modest support, you and your family can expect to be treated with compassion and sensitivity by our staff. 

Solutions Oriented, Multidisciplinary Approach


We leave no stone un-turned when it comes tackling any challenge for you and your family. We utilize a Solutions Oriented, Multidisciplinary approach with a holistic team of Experts.

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For your Senior Care and Family Management needs, contact us for assistance. We will be happy to speak with you about our services and answer any of your questions. 

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Our Team 
Virginia, DC, Maryland, West Virginia: Cristi Adkins

Cristi AdkinsRecognized as Northern VA's TOP NURSE in HERNDON by the International Nurses Association, 2015, Cristi Adkins, RN, Senior Care Manager is an Elder Abuse advocate and the founder of Expert Health Experts.

She was awarded 2015's Ms. Maryland's Woman of Achievement for her advocacy of senior citizens and elder abuse prevention and served as Mrs Maryland International 2014. 

Cristi is also a mother of three, LDS, and a member of the largest and oldest world-wide women's service organization, The Relief Society. 

She has been in the geriatric and home health industry for over two decades which includes directing of staff development, management of multi-discipline health and culturally diverse teams, clinical educator-to include organizing employee health programs and developing wellness life-care programs for employees.

Significant accomplishments include program development for employee health issues,  developing and managing company orientation programs, creating team building seminars, organizing yearly skills competency fairs for multi-disciplinary clinicians. She has a superb reputation and profound experience creating clinical  pathways such as CHF, HTN, DM, and Management of Urinary Incontinence.

Cristi also has a unique background as a Health News Expert for various radio and television stations across the county. Her public speaking resume includes guest appearances on national news outlets such as FOX News, The Daily Show with John Stewart, Hannity and Colmes, Neil Cavuto, The Jim Bohannon Show and many more national outlets.

West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio: Angelina Ojeda

"Each day, I strive for PROGRESS, not perfection.  If you are looking for a passionate, articulate, detail-oriented, hard-working and caring nurse that will be the patient’s advocate, that can work independently in an energetic fast-paced setting, but also strives to contribute to the success of a “TEAM,” then look no further.

Since becoming an RN, Angelina continues to serve the public at the bedside and as a patient advocate, both in the community as well as within the hospital setting. She has extensive experience in cardiac medicine, medication managment, medical-surgical care, emergency care, and pain management. She is a highly decorated nurse with numerous "POINTS OF PRIDE" awards due to an abundance of patient compliments and submissions of excellence. For many years, Angelina has successfully hosted "Toys for Tots" campaigns to help the underprivaliged in her local area.  

Within both the geriatric care managment and hospital environment, Angelina continually contributs to the success of the company, the patients, and their families, while being a valued nurse and member of the local community.

Expert Health Advocates, LLC is a Family & Senior Care Management firm located outside of the Washington DC Metro area & services DC, VA, WV, MD