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Who Needs An Advocate or a Geriatric Care Manager?

Seniors and Families who need:
Care Management Services Companion Care
Medication Management Transportation
Community Service Health Care Navigation

Out-of-town sons, daughters and relatives with parents or loved ones in the DC Metro and surrounding area
Have comfort in knowing that there are caring individuals (advocates) who will look after your parents or family member when you simply can’t be here.  This service can be as comprehensive as desired and will be tailored to suit your preferences and your loved one’s needs. 

Local residents caring for parents or family members living nearby
This is an important service that is particularly helpful when you go on vacation or when you simply are overburdened with the demands of your job and family.  Our agency can relieve you of all or some of your responsibilities for short periods of time and be there to intervene if an emergency should arise in your absence. 

Older adults who can’t quite manage all their daily activities or don’t want to burden their family with demands for assistance
You just may require an advocate to intercede for you occasionally or when your family can’t be there.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed caring for your spouse.  To maintain your independent lifestyle you may need some minimal assistance. 

Whatever your needs, we will arrange for the appropriate services.
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When to Call?

You’ve injured your back and need to have surgery, but can’t decide what to do because you are the primary caregiver for your husband, who has dementia.

We can suggest an agency that can provide in-home caregivers to stay with your husband while you are hospitalized and recovering or a long term care community that will provide short-term respite care.  To ease your burden we can assist with all arrangements, act as your advocate while you are hospitalized, and monitor your husband until you return home.

You notice your aunt is not calling you on a regular basis anymore and when you call her, she doesn't stay on the phone very long.  

This is worrisome to you, especially, since you are her sole relative and live quite far away. We can arrange for an in-home evaluation and determine her current status and care needs.  Based on our findings, we will provide recommendations to make sure she is safe at home.   If she needs caregivers, we can make arrangements for this service.   We can make regular visits to your aunt and can update you via e-mail reports.  

Your father is becoming increasingly forgetful and you suspect that he is not eating well or taking his medications regularly.

We can conduct a comprehensive in-home assessment that will evaluate his functional abilities, memory, nutrition and home safety.  We will provide recommendations for any problem areas that interfere with his health and safety.  If we suspect any memory loss, we will recommend a physician referral and can act as your liaison with the local physician.

Even though you live near your parents, you travel a lot and worry what might happen if your mother needs to be hospitalized while you are gone.

We can provide regular visits to your mother in your absence and monitor her to make sure she is well.  If problems should arise in your absence, we can accompany her to the doctor or act as your advocate if she is admitted to the hospital, keeping you informed of her status. 

Your mother needs to have radiation therapy on a daily basis for 6 weeks and you don’t have time to schedule the appointments or arrange for transportation.

We can relieve you of this responsibility and take care of all the details.

Your father is now using a wheelchair and the wheelchair won’t fit through the bathroom doorway.

We might suggest a transport wheelchair that could fit into the bathroom, but may find that this is still too wide for the doorway.  If this is the case, we can recommend a reputable contractor to widen the doorway and who would make any other 
accommodations that are necessary to improve safety in the bathroom for your father and the caregivers who will be assisting him in using the toilet and with bathing.